JollaDuring this lazing 31th December, I’m writing down my third post. I will never be so productive, but today I’m feeling ispired.

The topic of this post is Jolla: it has nothing to do with boats, it’s the new, fresh company on the smartphones market.

You can find out more infos on the Wikipedia page, so let me say just that the men behind that brand are those brainy geniuses that designed and developed the hardware, the software, MeeGo, the Harmattan UI of that unique pearl called N9. Thinking of this, you can easily see why Jolla gained so much attention throughout the mobile geeks world.

And why should Italy be cutted out from this new and fascinating world? Stefano (@SteP) created the unofficial Jolla Italia community (@JollaIt), and kindly asked me to join him. We provide up-to-date informations from the Jolla world, so not just the company, but even the unofficial communities through the world. It’s worthy to give a glance.

I thought that Jolla deserves with no doubt a dedicated section on this blog, so you can easily find news, videos and thoughts about it. Enjoy it.

We are #Unlike.


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