TizenAfter Nokia threw MeeGo, Intel chose Samsung as the partner with which carry on the development of the OS. During the just ended year, Samsung released a “prototype reference device” to help developers testing out their apps, and give an hint of what the OS is going to be.

So why am I talking about this, now? Because a Samsung Tizen smartphone is being launched during the 2013, so it’s time to recall what we are going to see.

Maybe I’m too rude, but this stuff is pointless.

I ever thought – and I’m not alone – Samsung lacks of good designers, both for devices design itself and for UIs, but this time they surprised me. What is this awful thing? It looks like Bada, even a PDA with Windows Mobile 6.5 would look better. And that’s not all. You have the chance to develop a new mobile OS from the ground, and you choose to make a so classical (read, out-dated) user interaction? Has anyone took a look at that horrible task manager? Is this Jbak TaskMan for the Nokia N70? The Tizen competitors are BB10 and Sailfish, with their fresh, new and gorgeous UIs, do you really want to race with that UI? Look at the Touchwiz, at Bada, they look like they can’t create an UI that “looks good”. It looks like Samsung wanted to ride the N9 MeeGo horse but they haven’t even the spurs.

I look like I’m a little disappointed, and I actually am, because I’m sure they will try to sell this crap as “MeeGo successor” – while the natural heir is Sailfish.


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