Publishing this post I’m perfecly conscious that, if anyone actually read my blog, you will completely agree with me or hate what I’ve written.

We are going to talk about user interfaces – there’s my preface: I’m a fan of plain and modern-looking UIs, few colours, I find disturbing the too glossy and kitschy ones. Why am I so in love with plain UIs? Well, I think that they definitely look better, expecially on AMOLED screens, and you receive them like more immediate and comfortable. I mean, aren’t you in troubles when you try to read a text on a colorful blackground? I am. A plain background naturally adresses you on the content. That’s why I’ve never considered as a limitation the black background on WP. So, go on.

– Samsung: Everything about design that goes out of that company, it looks so bad-looking to me. The Touchwiz on Android and Bada OS are pretty functional, but they make my eyes bleeding. The Nature UI (on Galaxy SIII and above) looks better, but just because it matches more the Android Holo theme. Ow, and has anyone gave a glance at Tizen? It’s awful.

Bada OS

– Firefox OS: what’s the point with this OS? First devices should come out in Brazil during this year, but – unfortunately – I see no way; the UI is too conservative, it reflects iOS.

Firefox OS

– iOS: it matches perfectly what I’ve written above – too glossy. I’ve loved the UI until iOS3 with the plain black wallpaper, so simple, so strong. And, above all, iOS UI is so damn boring: the first iPhone came out in the 2007 – six years ago – hasn’t anyone thought it’s time to refresh it a little? Anyway, one of the most distinctive UI on the market.

iOS 6

– Ubuntu for Smartphone: Nice try, but I don’t like Unity on the desktop, why should I on mobile? Furthermore I wonder how all that collateral swipes could be actually accessible in mobility.

Ubuntu for Smartphone

– BB10: the UI takes clearly inspiration from MeeGo Harmattan, so usability should be good and the swipes throughout the system intuitive, but who’s that criminal that designed the icons?


– Symbian Belle: it’s just another OS from the one that came out with the N8. It took advantage of the Qt Components to look, finally, like a modern OS. And, among all the OS I’m talking about, you still easily theming the UI.

Symbian Belle

– Android: I’m talking about the Holo theme, on the Vanilla Android 4.x. Google’s perhaps taken hints from MeeGo and WP to make simplier and plainer the UI. Ice Cream Sandwich/Jelly Bean look pretty good.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

– Sailfish: it’s basically a vertical-oriented MeeGo, so notifications, multi-tasking and installed apps screens scroll from top to down. But, unfortunately, it loses some MeeGo essentiality. Even here, icons could be improved. Anyway, I will express my thoughts on Sailfish in a separate post, as soon as I can.

Sailfish OS

– webOS: look at those cards floating on the screen, Palm realized the very first multi-tasking-oriented and swiping OS, that made look all its competitors at the time just out-dated. Now its “heir” openwebOS should break into the market, I don’t know how.


– Windows Phone: when Microsoft showed the first WP7 I just thought “Wow”. An UI in which graphical elements are not icons or colors but text and spacing. So modern and beautiful. And the new WP8 resizable tiles fit better the UI than the WP7 ones – and they are so comfortable, better than widgets-oriented OS.

Windows Phone 8

– MeeGo Harmattan: this is (was) the state-of-art UI. Polished, a perfectly balance between black and white. So essential. No widget at all, just pure multi-tasking.

MeeGo Harmattan

What do you think about? Please let me know in the comments section below or on Twitter @itsamefra.


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