When the Nokia N9 popped out at the Nokia World 2011, I freaked out. It was, in despite a no so up-to-date hardware, a really unique piece of software: no physical or hardware buttons to manage switching between the apps, and focus on multi-tasking and interaction with “the rest of the world” through the feed screen.

Nokia n9

Stephen Elop admitted that the N9 would be the first and last device with the MeeGo operative system but, in despite of this and commercialization through smaller markets, it was quite successful, particularly for the Linux community, that had a worthy heir of the immortal N900.

So, after about a year from its presentation, is still worthy to buy a N9? My answer is yes. It’s not perfect, and it will hardly be – after the PR1.3 Nokia dropped updates, indeed – but it looks gorgeous and works good. Furthermore I don’t spend my days playing on Ruzzle, I mainly check my feeds, Twitter and Facebook, and listen to music, and the N9 suits me perfectly. It’s not so fast on internet browsing, but coming from a N8 is a huge step ahead anyway. I have off-line mapping and turn-by-turn pedestrian navigation that work just fine. I’m just a little disappointed by the lack of an official WhatsApp client, but Wazapp seems to work good enough.

Nokia n9

MeeGo is not a dead platform. It’s dead for Nokia and greatest software houses perhaps, but it still has a lot of amazing developers that keep putting efforts in it, releasing new software – not only Wazapp. I can browse and manage Dropbox and SkyDrive storage, use Google Reader, LinkedIn and Foursquare, manage my Evernote notebooks – they aren’t official client, but who cares? I’ve got used to unofficial clients in the last years (sometimes they work better than the official ones), so I’m not afraid of my new “adventure”. The N9 is such an unicorn that I had to have.

Nokia n9

In the coming days, I will of course keep to write down my experience, using the N9 as my daily device – it would be cool to sum up those unofficial clients I mentioned before – as soon as I will deeply get into the platform – and recount my adventure step by step – so, stay tuned!


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