Apps for MeeGoAs I said, the lack of official clients on the MeeGo platform has been filled up enough by developers. So, basing my use of my Android and Symbian phones, there’s what I could or could not find on Nokia Store or through the web for my brand new N9. I won’t attach any link, but you can easily reach them through a Google search.


If you use Facebook or Twitter, you will find plenty of clients, starting with the official ones, pre-installed and well integrated within the event screen and the sharing menu. If you are looking for faster and more good-looking clients, there are:

Facebook: Fmobi is a paid client, it offers an almost-full Facebook experience, it has a basic pages support, absent on the official Facebook client, and built-in chat.

Twitter: on this side, the competition is closer. Although it has no event screen or sharing menu integration, Tweetian is the best Twitter client available on the MeeGo platform by far: it’s the only one that features TwitLonger, it provides Pocket and Instapaper integration too. It lacks of multi-accounts support, but to manage a single account it’s the best, with a smooth and polished interface – and plus it’s free. You can also find on Nokia Store QNeptunea and Rocket, that feature feed integration.

Ah, and for Facebook and Twitter cross-posting there is ShareBoard, it supports images too and it’s free.

LinkedIn: you can find MeeIn on the Store. You can browse your contacts, pretty good client.

Foursquare: the official app, that provide NFC support, is good but too basic; on the Store you can find Nelisquare and 4squick, for a more native look and feel experience. Here you can also find MeegoSquare, to add recent check-ins to the event screen.

Google+: unfortunately the development of the unofficial MeePlus is interrupted, you can access to the big G social network only through the browser.

Instagram: Instago is available, but due to API limitation, it is basically a browser, no support for posting images. The author has announced that he will add this feature as soon as Instagram update their API.

To manage your Google Reader account and to read your news, you can use the good gNewsReader app.

Messaging & chat

Your Facebook, Skype and Gtalk chat are perfectly integrated in the Messaging hub. You can also call a number via Skype straight from the Contacts, as well as start Gtalk call and videochat. No Whatsapp? The unofficial Wazapp works fine, although some occasionally delays.


If you are used to write quicky posts on-the-go, you can manage your self-hosted or dotCom WordPress account via cutePress as well as via Blob, that also adds Blogger support.


If the Dropbox upload applet on sharing menu isn’t enough to you, you can have a more complete experience through a bunch of unoffical clients – I use DropN9, but cuteBox and Dropian are also good (I use the latter on Symbian, it works great). You can browse, share, upload and download your SkyDrive through SkyFiles app, and manage your Google Drive account with MeeDocs.

FileCase file manager supports SugarSync, SkyDrive, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and Ubuntu One. If you want to keep your content synced, you can use FilesPlus and sync your folder on Dropbox. And if it isn’t enough for you, you can access to your WebDAV server with Meedav.

Unfortunately, the nice Microsoft OneNote app is available only on Symbian devices; instead you can use Notekeeper client for Evernote, it’s a good client although you cannot edit Rich-text notes, but it provides sharing menu integration. The official sharing menu-only applet is available on the Store.

You can manage and upload your photos on Flickr using FlickrUp client. You can also automatically upload the photos and videos you take with your camera on Google Drive, Flickr, Dropbox and a custom FTP server via FotoShareN9, you can set only wifi or wifi/3G upload, instant/interval upload and auto-resize of the pics.

Audio & Video scrobbler is built-in in the great QuasarMX player, that also displays lyrics and adds cover to your music if missing. You can listen to and download SoundCloud songs via MusiKloud app.

You can listen to FM radio (there are a couple of FM Radio apps on the Store), or if it isn’t enough, you can listen to streaming channels on Nokia’s Internet Radio or MeeRadio.

You can browse, share, download, upload, like, comment YouTube and Dailymotion videos and check your latest subscriptions straight from the event screen with cuteTube client – it’s a paid app, but a must-have, the built-in player keeps the video playing even if you minimize the app, letting you watch it from the multi-tasking screen. If you use Vimeo, you can browse, manage and upload your videos with the official Vimeo client.


Firefox adds support to Flash Player and it lets you sync bookmarks and open tabs from the desktop browser, Opera works smoothly as usual (you know, it provides a great user experience on Symbian). Give a try also to Helium and SnowShoe.

Bookmark sharing

There are a couple of apps for Pocket. The free Pockeego lets you browse and view your links, but if you need to fully manage your bookmarks, you can find MeePaper on the Store.

I know there are other apps out there, I made my list based on what I use daily and what an hypothetical average user would use.

So, despite the Nokia decision to abandon the platform, a lot of developers have kept to support and make apps for MeeGo. I make my huge thank to you guys, you are great!


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