Pastilli Labs SituationsI’m going to talk about a great app for Nokia “dead” platforms – Situations, by Pastilli Labs, is based on the Nokia Situations beta app, totally rewritten in Qt.

The idea behind the app is simply but, at the same time, so powerful: when you are in a meeting, at the cinema, at work or at home, you have to put your smartphone outside of your pocket only to set its behaviour, to set it ringing or silent and so on. Situations does this for you: you just need to set your profiles, and it automatically set your phone. Some examples? When I connect my headset, the music player automatically opens, I’m able to find the weather forecast ready on my phone when I get up or my N9 automatically sets itself in silent profile and switches to the 2G network when I’m at the university. Cool, isn’t it?

I’m proud to announce that I’ve provided the Italian localisation for the app! So, if you have a N9, think of me each time you use your Situations!

If you want to see Situations localised in your own language, consider to give an hand to these guys! More info here – they are considering to make localisations available on the Symbian version too.

Situations Lite for Symbian Belle
Situations for Symbian Belle
Situations for MeeGo Harmattan
For more info go on

Introducing Pastilli Labs Situations:


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