Latest Jolla Sailfish News

As predicted in an earlier post, we are getting reports that during Marc Dillon’s keynote @ GMIC 2013, he cleverly teased the audience with what looked like the back of the new Jolla branded handset.

Engadget reports that:

It was very brief — no more than two seconds — but the orange device appeared to be no smaller than five inches in screen size.

In another article by digitaltrends, the significance of this first flash of the Jolla phone being in Beijing is reiterated:

There is some significance to Dillon showing the phone at the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing too, as Jolla sees China as a significant market for Sailfish hardware.


Interestingly, Engadget seem to think the handset is on the large side being ‘no smaller than 5 inches in screen size’, putting it in ‘phablet’ territory.   Whether or not this could be accurate after…

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