Since Symbian Belle has been pushed on the N8, users have reported a worse camera shot quality than Symbian Anna. I found out this mod, which allows you to get Anna’s image quality back keeping the Belle camera UI on the N8. Please notice that this mod is compatible ONLY with the Nokia N8.

Please notice even that you have to be familiar with applying mods and all those geeky stuff. Furthermore, you should be able to reflash the device, if something goes wrong.

Before to start, ensure that your N8 is hacked and install X-Plore and ROM Patcher if you have not installed them yet. I will skip these steps, since a pretty wide literature is available through the web. If you have flashed a custom ROM on your device, all those goodies should be already there.

Now, once you have unpacked and copied this zip file on your N8, we are ready to start:

1) Install Camera_Update_N8.sis
2) Open Rom Patcher and apply the OPEN4ALL patch
3) Open X-Plore and copy the SYS folder to C:/
4) Copy c2z4bin_THUMB_Belle.rmp to E:/Patches
5) Open ROM Patcher again and apply the patch you’ve just copied
6) Et voilà! You have now the Anna quality back on the N8 with Belle Refresh!


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