One of the first operations anyone does as they get a new phone is to import contacts from the old one.

I imported mine from my beloved N9 to my new Jolla (spoiler: I love it) and I noticed they still store Facebook, GTalk, Jabber and Skype informations from the Harmattan accounts integration.

I decided to clean all those links, so I started to figure out how the vcf file format (the one that the N9 uses to export contacts) works; I easily discovered Harmattan connects to Facebook, GTalk and Jabber using the XMPP protocol, so it links those accounts with the X-JABBER tag; for the Skype account, it stores the X-SKYPE tag, instead.

The hardest part was to find out a solution to not edit one by one above 200 contacts, but Linux – as usually – came in my rescue; I could fix my issue using the sed command line tool (which I don’t know if it’s named after the Latin preposition, though).

First of all, I exported my contact list from the N9 – Contacts > Export contacts > File.

Then I moved the newly created MyDocs > Rubrica directory (my N9 is set to Italian, I don’t know the exact name of your contacts folder) to my pc and merged all the contacts via the terminal with the command

cat *.vcf > all.vcf

After that, if you need to delete Facebook/GTalk/Jabber infos, simply prompt

sed '/X-JABBER/d' all.vcf > OUTPUTFILE.vcf

or for Skype

sed '/X-SKYPE/d' all.vcf > OUTPUTFILE.vcf

then, copy the OUTPUT.vcf file into your Jolla and import it.

Of course this should works with other phones as well!

More information on the sed command here and here.

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