Recently Jolla, in the figure of the CTO Stefano Mosconi, set up a community meetup in Rome and Milan; it was a great occasion to meet him and Jolla enthusiasts from all the Boot; the idea behind these meetups is to approach the community in an informal way, chatting with and answering to the fans.

From this side, the Italian meetups showed no surprise; Stefano briefly talked about his and Jolla history (if you speak Italian, you’ll enjoy the video below) and then answered to the most different questions, from the keyboard TOH to technical inquiries, coming through a possible Sailfish OS porting on the Nokia X/XL. And after the long talk, we could take refreshment with pizzas (we’re in Italy, after all!) and beers.

Of course, I was there, sitting in the front row, with my ears stretched seeking for some juicy news and with my fingers ready for typing and tweeting. There is a petit résumé of the whole Q&A session:

– We may see the first hardware TOH at the end of the year;
– Qt5.2 will come on Sailfish OS;
– Update 6 to be released between 9 and 16th of May;
– Update 7 to be released between 7 and 14th of June;
– There will be a month of hiatus on July;
– Update 8 to be released roughtly in the mid-August;
– In the next releases (maybe update 7), the browser will be sligthly restyled and will support real time tabs;
– Younited will be launched after the summer and its releasing won’t depend on system updates (i.e. it can come through the Store);
– After the summer, the reset procedure will keep the last installed update;
– No plans for US/Canadian market so far;
– Heavy duties will make difficult to enter into the Brazilian market;
– Australia is an interesting market for the future;
– China is very interesting market for Jolla;
– Sailfish launcher [for Android] will be relased probably at the end of June;
– Jolla and Sailfish are NSA-free;
– Update 7 will introduce folders support as well as some basic accessibility functionality (configurable font size).

Are they a bunch of good news, aren’t they?

There is the video from the Stefano’s presentation, in Rome:

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