I realized the first think I do as I bootup my Jolla is stopping the Alien Dalvik. Having it on Sailfish is handy (and it really comes in help when you can’t find the needed apps on Store/Warehouse), but it slow down my phone at start (to check the various notifications), so I looked for something to disable it.

First, make sure you have nano installed on your Jolla. If it isn’t there, install it with:

pkcon install nano

Complete disabling (prevent Android apps to start)

systemctl stop aliendalvik.service
systemctl mask aliendalvik.service

To re-enable it:

# systemctl unmask aliendalvik.service
# systemctl start aliendalvik.service

Disabling the Alien Dalvik at startup (it will start when you want to)

From the terminal:

nano /etc/systemd/system/nodroidavvio.service

In nano paste:

Description=No Android al riavvio

ExecStart=/bin/systemctl stop aliendalvik.service


Close and save by pressing CTRL+X and within the terminal prompt:

# systemctl enable nodroidavvio.service

To re-enable the Alien Dalvik at startup:

# systemctl disable nodroidavvio.service

thanks to @iliveinpublic and @eugenio_g7 for the tips.

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