I recently switched my Manjaro-powered netbook with a Nexus 7 as a “in-mobility” device and I started to dig a bit to find alternatives to those tasks I easily did with Manjaro, like connecting my Jolla via SSH or via SFTP.

I used these apps on CyanogenMod 11, but I guess they will work even on other devices and different flavours of Android.

Remember that you can find the IP address of your Jolla in Settings > System > Developer mode.


Here you have two options, a FOSS one and a freemium app. The first one is ConnectBot, available on F-Droid (the build on the Play Store in out of date – and F-Droid is a great FOSS alternative marketplace, by the way), which has pretty basic features and graphics, but it gets the job done and I have no hitches in connecting my Jolla.

If you are looking for a more complex and full-featured app, go for JuiceSSH, available on the Play Store.


The best way to browse your files on Jolla without the hassle to have an USB cable. All you need to do is download Total Commander and its SFTP plugin (not the most original name, I know) from the Play Store.

Then open Total Commander and select SFTP > <New connection...>. Assign a name to your connection and set the IP address, username (nemo by default) and the password of your Jolla. After this, you will be able to browse your Sailfish OS-powered device and copy/move directories and files from the two-paned file manager. Remember to close the connection from the toolbar below when you have done.

Do you use other ways/apps to connect your Jolla to your Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry device? Let me know leaving a comment below.

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