Clean up contacts information before import them on Jolla

One of the first operations anyone does as they get a new phone is to import contacts from the old one. I imported mine from my beloved N9 to my new Jolla (spoiler: I love it) and I noticed they still store Facebook, GTalk, Jabber and Skype informations from the Harmattan accounts integration. I decided…

[ITA] Aumentare la dimensione del file di Swap su N9

Questo post è la versione italiana dell'articolo precedente, che spiega come aumentare la dimensione del file di Swap su MeeGo Harmattan. Ho deciso di riscriverlo in italiano perché mi sono reso conto che non esiste una traduzione della guida e potrebbe quindi risultare comodo per chi non mastica l'inglese o è pigro (sono con voi!).…

Increase Swap file size on your N9

Hi everyone. It's been long time since I wrote my last post, but I'm a bit busy with some projects (among it's called...oh, yes, life), so sorry if you missed me. I decided to post about a pretty intriguing mod for the N9 I found some time ago on EverythingN9. Yeah, there's already a…

Personalize most popular sites on the N9 browser

Even if the Nokia N9 has a bunch of quite good alternative browsers, like Opera or Firefox among the others, you might choose to use the default browser instead - it's quite smooth and has a good HTML5 compatibility; furthermore, you can set a link as homescreen shortcut. However, the lack of the bookmarking feature…

“Widget Runtime BETA” cool application for N9 available for free at Nokia Store.


This obviously looks interesting. You can use this free application to install and run “Widgets” on you Nokia N9 just like native applications.

According to the description, “The goal of Widget Runtime application is to allow MeeGo users to run locally installable web applications (also called widgets) as if they were native applications”.

  • Currently it supports running widgets created for Symbian WRT, plain W3C (including Tizen) and Opera platforms.
  • Please note that the current version is still a BETA version and even though the core functionalities and compatibility have been carefully implemented, may suffer from random crashes and API incompatibilities.


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Overclocking: guide from a n00b perspective

I'm a N9 n00b, no problem saying that. The best part of the story is that I'm happy to learn and try out new things, so my experience with the N9 suits me perfectly. One of my latest achievement in the N9 modsland is overclocking. Thanks to the always kind Andy (@N9Andy) I managed to…