As I said, I…errr….mmm…”work” as a freelance translator (sort of). Since I started not so long time ago, I can’t spot an huge portfolio, but it’s a quality one! Enjoy these apps (if you own one of the OS listed) and if you are interested in any translation, please worry me here!

F1uptodate (MeeGo Harmattan | Symbian): a complete app to be kept up-to-date about the Formula 1 world.

gNewsReader (MeeGo | Symbian): a nice unofficial client for Feedly (formerly for Google Reader).

Music Import (Windows Phone): to discover, download and import music in the library of a WP device.

NineShark (MeeGo Harmattan): a gorgeous-lookig unofficial client for Grooveshark.

Situations (Android | MeeGo Harmattan | Symbian): one of the best apps out there to automatize your phone accoording to your habits, needs and choices.

TAO Translator (MeeGo Harmattan | Sailfish OS | Symbian): an online translator based upon Google Translate, Bing Translator, Yandex.Translate and Yandex.Dictionaries services.

Tweetian (MeeGo Harmattan/Symbian | Sailfish OS): a fair complete unofficial Twitter client.

Warehouse (MeeGo Harmattan): the client for OpenRepos website, a community-guided repository for MeeGo Harmattan and Sailfish.


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