From the Sailfish dev mailing list, Soumya Bijal, Jolla product manager, gave us an hint on features for the forthcoming update 6 and 7. Please notice that the update 6, early expected for this week, has been shifted to the next one.

The update 6 (expected for the forthcoming week) will bring:

  • 4G support for users in Finland, Hong Kong and Estonia.
  • New events view sub-page for displaying Facebook notifications.
  • File picker and real tabs support in browser.
  • Personalise shortcuts on lockscreen pull-down menu.
  • Support for additional Bluetooth profiles: PBAP and HID.
  • Support for traditional and simplified Chinese Handwriting Recognition in virtual keyboard.
  • Quick access to Sailfish OS updates in Settings.

The update 7 expected for 7-14th June) will bring:

  • LTE enabled for every country/operator which support 3 (1800Mhz),7 (2600Mhz) and 20 (800Mhz) bands.
  • Folder support in app launcher area.
  • Google contacts 2-way sync.
  • Save unsent messages as drafts when messages app is pushed to background.
  • Option to clear browser history only.
  • Clean cookies from browser.
  • “Do not track” option under Browser settings.
  • Enable quick scrolling feature in Sailfish views.

Remember that this is just a part of the planned roadmap, including only high-level features and it’s subjected to changes. Furthermore, it doesn’t include any low-level update (packages, libraries, etc).


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